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The Conference for Masculine of Center women and the women who love them - Coming to Chicago, April 2022. Check out the HIP Merch we are creating for them!

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by Jessica Holter and The Punany Poets

The Punany Poets have been in the business of Love since 1995, serving the community through our nonprofit organization, HIP Inc. Our audio projects feature poetry ripped from the pages of our books, and live performance soundbites from live experiences. The Crack in Our Line by Jessica Holter - Music, Audiobook, Soundtrack, Live Theater, Film
The Crack in Our Line by Jessica Holter will send you back in time.

The Punany Poets

The Punany Poets is the common name for The HIP Team's Sex Education Theater program. We offer publishing, theater, artist development, tour/travel training, and oratory courses for participants. The Punany Project is for adults only and offers group conference on sensitive personal and sexual health topics in cabaret-styled showcases, and romantic comedy theater for interactive audience. Recordings of our shows can be found on our channel at