Friendswood, TX - Unspoken Words Movie Screening


Meet The Punany Poets in Friendswood, Texas on July 16, 2022, when we slide through to support our friend and partner in The HIP Team, Ol' Skool Entertainment in their release of a new spoken word-based film drama, Unspoken Words.

Unspoken Words Movie Premiere

About this event

“Unspoken Words” displays the many ways poetry can be utilized. It’s therapy for one character and a way to vent about life for another. It’s a way to manipulate and a way to cope and deal with reality. The movie is a suspenseful saga of passion, poetry, purpose, and false perceptions of reality. Jeremy (Church), still haunted and devastated by his guilt and hurt from the brutal murder of his brother from many years ago, needs closure from too many unanswered questions and holes surrounding the untimely death. His recent found faith and spiritually is tested as secrets unravel from the moment his best friend, Howard (Ol’ Skool), takes him to an open mic poetry night, wanting to help with what they both know to be a healer, poetry. Soon, a performer speaks on issues that hits too close to home and triggers Church to act aggressively. The following series of events is a tale of lies and deception in between smoke and mirrors of misunderstandings from a battle within. False perceptions of reality soon lead the two friends into a glimpse of the past which forces a confrontation that could alter what they know of their lives. Whether good or bad, each character’s reasoning and ideology is challenged by an unknown truth and hidden lie between them all. Poetry is what ties them all together and may be what breaks them all apart. Was it Officer Mahomes, who has a penchant for harassing and manipulating people of color? Or was it the shadowy character from the open mic, expressing to many familiar words to the crowd? Even Church’s wife may have secrets untold as it may be hard to distinguish fact from fiction from a homeless man’s alcoholic diction that may unlock the mystery. Women, wild emotion, and unspoken words spiral and run rampant through the many layers and notes of this street symphony. Which is more inevitable… grief or peace?

Please check out the Unspoken Words movie by our partner Ol Skool Entertainment! There is a screening in Texas, you should definitely attend. Tickets are only $20 and are available at Unspoken Words Movie Screening Tickets, Sat, Jul 16, 2022 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite