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Contrarian - Jigsaw Puzzles w/ Photo Frame

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Made with high-quality chipboard environmental protection materials pieces
The puzzles for adults are include 70/120/200 pieces small parts, each is precision made and unique perfectly fit
It consists of 70/120/200 pieces small parts to form a 8*6/10*8/14*10 inch puzzle
This order includes puzzle and  photo frame
The photo frame could be place on the table of hung on the wall  
When you complete the puzzle, you can put it in the frame to prevent loss. In addition, this is a beautiful table decoration
Size Chart

Number of Pieces Frame Size (cm) Puzzle Size (cm)
70 23 x 18 x 2 20 x 15 x 0.2
120 28 x 23 x 2 25 x 20 x 0.2
200 38 x 28 x 2 35 x 25 x 0.2